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Flute Player in Orchestra





The flute is a family of instruments belonging to the woodwind group.  There are various types of flutes the most common term being used for the western concert flute as in the diagram below, which came into existence around 1832.   Sound is produced via blowing air through the Embouchure Hole (See diagram below) into the main chamber and opening or covering holes to produce the required pitch.

Selected famous artists: 

James Galway
Jeanne Baxtresser
Jean- Pierre Rampal

Selected works written for flute:

Flute Concerto in D major No.2 K.314 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Concertino for Flute and Orchestra by Cécile Chaminade

Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy by Albert Franz Doppler 

Our Specialist Teachers of Flute:

Mouhab Hisham - Khalidiya Branch

Sir James Galway plays Il Pastore Svizzero by Pietro Morlacchi

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