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Global Music Academy

GMA's mission is to provide our clients with a sound music education and a service second to none. We have developed a system that will not only enhance a student's progress but offers the maximum flexibility in all our courses.

Our GMA specialist teachers will identify the student's uniqueness and personal requirements and will provide programs that will stimulate creativity, interest and fun at the highest standard of music education that will stay with them for a lifetime. We plan on giving students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience no matter the level, via our concert program. They will have the chance to display their talents as a soloist or together with our specialist teachers giving them the ultimate experience in live performance. We want our students to feel confident and secure in themselves and one of the best ways to achieve this is through music education. We can teach any syllabus and prepare student's for exams if they wish to pursue such a path. We have the experience of  music examinations and can prepare a student for their exam assisting them to choose the correct material and making sure they enter the exam room feeling confident and secure.

Guitar Lessons
Our Teaching Philosophy


We strongly believe that music education should be professional, fun and learnt in a friendly and calm environment. To get the best results, students need to feel the inspiration and magic that music can bring. We are constantly monitoring our teaching methods to make sure we are giving our utmost to the students. We wish to instil positivity, enjoyment and creativity throughout our academy and tailor each lesson to the needs of the student. This means our teachers need to be sensitive and accommodating to each student and be able to comprehend how any particular student may be feeling on any particular day and tailor the lesson to get the best possible result for that lesson. It may seem a small detail, however over the course of a student's progress, this philosophy will greatly enhance the student's learning and memory retention helping them further to reach their musical goal. We hope to form a strong bond with our students so that they will always feel secure that we are here to support them in their musical endeavours and help them reach their goals.  We have the expertise to guide them in the right direction and experience to help them understand what it takes to achieve their goals.

Woman with Headphones
Music is the Future

Music is the past, the present and the future. We as a society are advancing in every facet at a faster rate than ever before in the history of mankind. Many things not previously understood are now coming to the fore and we are achieving amazing breakthroughs in our comprehension of the power of music and the effect it has on our lives. Sound and music is no longer recognized only as a  listening medium, but also for its amazing cognitive and academic benefits.  Scientific studies prove music increases the understanding of mathematics, languages, social interaction skills and much, much more. Music has been found to stimulate motor neurons and is now widely used in sports and medical therapy helping doctors to treat patients and athletes to improve their abilities. You may ask, why is music the future? The answer is clear. Music is a wonderful journey that has travelled with us from the past, is in our present and will be travelling with us to the future. At GMA we believe that as society progresses, the everlasting power of music and sounds will continue to evolve as a major player in the natural advancement of all mankind. Music is the Future. Come join us NOW and be a part of it.

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Ms. Aurora Muratti  B.Mus M.Mus Dip. Ed.  
Executive Director


So many things have changed since the beginning of this decade and we have had to adapt and reorganise so many changes in our lives and daily habits. Throughout these challenges, there has been a stable and driving force that has uplifted our spirits and united every nation and every culture in an onward positive way. THIS IS MUSIC. 

Music has echoed in everyone's hearts bringing courage, hope and joy. Music has been heard everywhere - sung in streets, on balconies, the confines of our rooms and recently even in the hospital's operating theatre. Music has lived around us and within us in a reassuring way. With music, you are never alone because it is always alive and well and always ready to be at your side. At GMA we have understood all these challenges and the power of music. Our courses are designed to meet your individual requirements with flexibility, care and understanding. Come and experience the fun and care our specialized teachers are ready to offer you. Experience and enjoy the power of music and journey the future stronger than ever before.

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