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  Learning to play a musical instrument is fun and rewarding  



Learning a musical instrument not only sustains and feeds the brain, body and soul.  It can bring many benefits to your future life and is an incredibly fun and rewarding skill to own.

WE ARE A TEAM ready to help you with your musical requirements. 

In our academy, you have a whole team of expert staff to supervise, quality control, and render your experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible. When you join GMA you are enrolling in a system and employing much more than one teacher. You are employing a team and a specially designed system to help you reach your goals and program with the most effective and successful results.

Our whole team at GMA is at your disposal for any musical requirements you may have and is always available and ready to welcome you.


We understand that despite your most well-intended commitment to attending all your scheduled lessons, sometimes life gets in the way. We have therefore designed our system to give you a comprehensive music education in tandem with Freedom and flexibility to suit your lifestyle. 
Don't worry if you have to cancel your music lesson. Just make it up the following week any time other than your normal scheduled time and make sure you are up to date with the following package and you will never be charged for a missed lesson. 
We offer unlimited makeup lessons to all our clients.


Bring the love of music into your life and book in a free no obligation trial class with one of our specialist teachers. 

FREE trial class 

(Value AED100)

Book now

Tel: 02 639 8560

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